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Be conscious of the glycemic index in products consumed

THE high sugar intake among Malaysians is at an alarming rate and it is the main reason behind obesity and chronic diseases. Based on the recent case of Malaysians favourite chocolate malt drink that contains 40 percent of sugar– we should not just be wary of the level of sugar intake but also the value of […]

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Jared Lee donates hair for cancer patients

Aspiring  producer does his bit to help Locks of Hope Association make human hair pieces. AMERICAN naturalist, John Burroughs once said, the smallest deeds is better than the greatest intention. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons Malaysia Youtuber Jared Lee of GrimFilm decided to donate his hair as a gesture of providing hope for […]

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Is the health information on social media truly legit?

On my Facebook wall at the time of writing this piece, I searched for the words “cancer cure” and found a total of 20 posts; of which only four had any kind of factual basis. The rest had no grounding in science whatsoever; including one on “how eating lemons are better than chemotherapy in curing […]

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Protect yourself with Allianz diabetic essential

Allianz now offers a choice of four medical plans for type 2 diabetics that can help to cover the cost of hospitalisation and surgery, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and obtaining a second medical opinion.

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Are you fit for your job?

THE fundamental of receiving an employment contract is you must be fit for employment hence the moment you are found unfit, the employer — private sector — will ask you to exit the company.
Now the question is what determines whether you are fit or unfit for your job?

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Cancer: Can you be terminated from your employment?

THE diagnosis of cancer is like a capital punishment to the poor.
In the ASEAN Costs in Oncology (ACTION) study by the George Institute for Global Health 2015, 45 per cent of cancer patients were said to suffer from financial calamity, while 11 per cent did not make it past the first year.

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