Infections associated with getting down under

ORAL sex is simply about giving and receiving pleasure, and the better it is for one partner, greater chances that the favour will be returned. No matter what is going down and on whom, the reality of it is that there are infectious diseases that you may be contracting from your partner if you’re not careful.
 Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur visiting consultant urologist Dr Poongkodi Nagappan explained that oral sex is anything that involves the mouth, penis, vagina or the anus.

“When we talk about STD’s, there’s a big spectrum, but there are very few diseases that specifically you can transmit through oral sex.”

“One is herpes, and the other is gonorrhoea, while the third one is hepatitis A which is from the anus. The other infections like HIV, hepatitis B, chlamydia are all less likely to be transmitted through oral sex.”

Dr Poongkodi Nagappan.

What predisposes a person to contract these diseases?

Anyone with ulcers, raw spot or bleeding from the mouth when giving oral sex to someone, will more likely to get an infection,” Poongkodi said.

What are the symptoms?

She explained that gonorhea is hard to notice as it only causes a sore throat. It might be treated as a cold with antibiotics and be gone just like that. Without antibiotics – it might just persist.

“Like herpes, you obviously notice as there is so many ulcers and there is pain. Hepatitis A might cause some mild infection that the body tackles by itself, or it might result in jaundice and liver failure, but it is all self-limiting,” she added.

Who is at worst risk?

“The person who is giving the oral sex is at worst risk, than the person receiving it.”

“Like hepatitis A is secreted through the anus when they pass motion. Clamydea and gonorea are the commonness sexually transmitted disease. But somehow, gonorea is more likely to be transmitted.”

“Now herpes is very common, so if that person has a sore in the penis and you yourself have a sore, this infections would enter into your blood stream which is how you would get the infections.”

“Anyone with multiple sexual partners are also at higher risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. – The HEALTH