Jared Lee donates hair for cancer patients

Aspiring  producer does his bit to help Locks of Hope Association make human hair pieces.

Jared Lee with his wife Marianne Tan at his studio.

AMERICAN naturalist, John Burroughs once said, the smallest deeds is better than the greatest intention. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons Malaysia Youtuber Jared Lee of GrimFilm decided to donate his hair as a gesture of providing hope for cancer patients.

Like everybody else who adores their long hair, Jared, 33, has kept his for almost a decade but to mark GrimFilm sixth year anniversary, he chose to celebrate it by cutting his beloved hair.

However, it was not just about cutting his hair thus venturing into 2018 with a new look, instead he sees it as the valuable moment to lend a hand in helping those copping with cancer.

Believe it or not, hair loss due to chemotherapy is one of the most distressing side effects of chemo treatments.

Understanding the pressure suffered by cancer patients, Jared through his own experience witnessing his two family members – who passed away due to cancer – decided it is best to donate his hair for a good cause.

After doing some research online, Jared came across Locks of Hope an association that collects hair before turning them into wigs.

“I know wigs are not cheap so I thought if I could help them in saving a couple of bucks why wouldn’t I?

“My grandmother managed to live her life to the fullest until she passed away due to oral cancer while my nephew was only six years old when he died,” he said.

Nonetheless, the former guitarist for ‘Once Upon A Time There Was a Sausage Named Bob’ – stressed that his decision to donate his hair was based on his personal accord.

“It was not really out of my personal experience losing my family members. I grew up with a mother who always reminded me the importance of caring for others.

“She was not surprised when I told her my decisions to cut my hair after nine years, instead I was caught off-guard when I found out that she had been collecting her customers hair at her saloon all this while,” he added.

“To me it was not just about donating my hair. It is about helping cancer patients from having to spend an additional RM800 and above just to acquire a wig. Which is expensive.”

Meanwhile, aspiring actress and Jared’s wife, Marianne Tan, felt proud when she was told of his husband intention.

“I felt proud that he decided to do it that way. We were excited but when we know that this was a part of a donation I felt really proud cos somehow it is a bonus. This is going to help somebody in some way.”

The actress who was famous for her character in Ola Bola, admitted she is willing to make the same decision her husband did in her future endeavour.

“Of course I would do it but at the same time I also expect that the result of the donation will create something amazing,” she said. – The HEALTH