Protect yourself with Allianz diabetic essential

BEING diagnosed with diabetes is a life changing experience especially when you are identified with type 2 diabetes.

It is a chronic condition whereby your body does not respond to insulin properly.

These condition will trigger the pancreas to make extra insulin. Eventually the pancreas will no longer be able to create sufficient insulin in order to keep your blood glucose at a normal level.

This condition will also trigger a lot of health risk mainly stroke, heart attack, blindness, kidney failure and nerve diseases.

With the higher risk of being diagnosed with major medical condition, it is important to have a medical plan in place to help cover the cost of hospitalisation and surgery.

Based on the current state, it is almost impossible for diabetic patients to get a medical insurance protection.
Worry no more, now with Allianz, type 2 diabetics are now able to receive a comprehensive medical coverage.

Allianz offers a choice of four medical plans that can help to cover the cost of hospitalisation and surgery, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and obtaining a second medical opinion.

“Generally, those who are diagnosed with diabetes type 2 face difficulties in terms of buying medical insurance. Their application would most probably be rejected.

“Hence, we at Allianz try to offer help to these patients,” explained Allianz Life Insurance chief strategy and product officer Yeoh Eng Hun.

The Allianz Diabetic Essential also provides outpatient treatment for cancer, kidney dialysis and dengue.
Patients are also entitled for annual HbA1 blood test, kidney function test, lipid profile, medical examination and full urine examination.

Eng Hun highlighted how the medical plan offers much more incentive.

“We will offer customers with discounts upon receiving feedback that their condition is getting better because at the same time we want to promote better health.

“If you show that you’re better than the average control you are eligible for the discount,” he explained.
Under the Allianz Diabetic Essential plan, patients are entitled to enrol in the complimentary Diabetes Care Programme by Advance Medical.

This programmes are individually tailored care programmes provided from the world’s leading independant medical professional team. A license physician will be assigned to you as a personal health advisor. – Amirul Azreen Zulkifli – The HEALTH